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So, breakfast….. cereal, toast, smoothies, eggs, meat, coffee, danish, yoghurt, fruit. Everyone has something, and allegedly the most important meal of the day. To set you up for the day?! OK, let’s throw some spanners in the works and offer an alternative. How about increasing your energy further, making your mind and senses a lot […]

First off, Happy New Year!   So, most people have great intentions at the moment, lot’s of ideas, and plans running around the mind – but do many actually get past the first week of Jan, or even written down on paper and properly planned?   Well, this NEEDS to happen if you want to […]

OK, so really this is a few days/a month too early as the year has not ended, but this post is more about getting YOU thinking about the great things you have achieved this year, as it’s very easy to roll one day after the next and only see the things that aren’t going to […]

OK, hands up who procrastinates?! If you haven’t got your hand up your lying, or you don’t need this!! I’m pretty proud of my focus when it comes to getting stuff done. After all, it’s only by completing things, staying a step ahead, planning and doing,  that things get done right?! Problem is plenty of […]

Last Friday I made a choice that some people get emotional about! It’s not health/fitness related for starters, but it has a similar message!   I was due for a mobile upgrade………and moved from an Apple Iphone after 2 years! Whaaaaat??? Are you crazy, people were saying!! “Once you’re Mac you never go back!” is […]