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May 27, 2016

ShareOf late I’ve been talking more about the  need for Implementation over Information. In the majority of cases, we “Know what we should be doing, we’re just not doing it” scenario. That or the more information we take on board, compare with, look for the next  shiny object, the more confused/overwhelmed we get?! ————————————————————————— Let […]

May 24, 2016

ShareEver considered a “To Stop” list instead of a To-do list?! Lemme explain……… we live in a manic world right? Quite often we create a lot of it ourselves, and with stuff we don’t really need, or have to. – Higher stress levels – Spinning multiple plates – The ever-growing To Do list – Panicking […]

May 18, 2016

ShareMaking changes or “life improvements” (why does that sound like a form of DIY?!) Is something we all strive to do. Some have more awareness, and take more steps towards this- but we all Want to improve, if not all of the time, certainly at stages. The thing is our brain (which we know controls […]

May 13, 2016

ShareSo some companies marketing departments have finally cottoned onto Protein. The fact that people want “higher protein” Products, and that pure carb foods aren’t great for us. The biology bit first. Carbohydrates so all grains and breads, fruit and veg are made up of and broken down in the body into molecules of sugar. Carbs […]

May 7, 2016

ShareConsidered Less is More? I’ve talked before about the “shiny object” syndrome we fall into when things aren’t going to plan; – looking for the next nutrition or workout plan, supplement or ‘infoGuru’ that is going to make that magical change for you. – doing or looking for more things to add into daily life, […]