Great natural snacks! |


Many people often reach for something processed/packages based when it comes to snacks.

Often because people have left too long since the last meal, or it didn’t contain enough protein, and the bodies receptors start craving carbs – and many hit the biscuits, crisps or other nutrient devoid snacks!

I recently chatted with the guys at and they sent me some samples of their snack packs – and they taste great!

I’ve had biltong before (a dried beef) and some have been like old leather. These guys have gone a step further and combined biltong with some quality fruits (goji berries, sultanas, mango etc)seeds and almonds to produce a snack containing both protein, fats and carbs to deliver top nutrients the body can use, and to keep you satisfied!

Ok, I’m not gonna lie – it won’t look pretty to many of you, but once you taste them, you soon forget that!

So if you’re looking for a snack, post workout or day time, give them a try – nothing wrong with something natural your body can use!