Gastric Band – lazy or food issues? |


There was a picture of Fern Britton in today’s paper looking “trimmer” than ever, going from a size 22, to now, a size 14.

She has come in for stick, as in 2006 she had the gastric band fitted, and said she started losing all the weight through exercise and diet -but soon got found out.

Firstly that sucks.

It sucks to those people that work bloody hard to lose weight, and stay or get in shape.

But to have a band ‘artificially fitted’ that shrinks the size of your stomach so you can no longer stuff your face, is a long way from working out.

I personally feel there are 2 types of people who have a gastric band fitted;

1) Those with mind/mental issues with food. Having a band fitted isn’t likely to resolve this problem as the “issue” is still within the mind, and isn’t sorting the underlying problem.

2) Those that are just too lazy to exercise or change their eating habits and go for the “easy” option.

Through exercise and diet changes your health, energy and lifestyle will be enhanced, something a band will not do.

I’m not slating anyone who has surgery like this, but certainly messing with the human body, rather than doing things to benefit it are likely to cause problems further down the line…..


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