Gaining Fat back isn't hard! |


If you’ve been on a fat loss journey in the past – first off give youself a huge pat on the back! You’ve done a lot more than many, you’ve got off your butt, decided it’s time to make a change, and you’ve done it!

However with Christmas festivities being on offer most weekends for people – this can be a dangerous time for you, more so than others.

The reason? Well, when you gain fat, and toxins, fat cells increase in size to compensate for their content. Once full, if further excess calories are consumed, alongside fake foods, and toxin related foods, pesticides etc, more fat cells are produced to act as a “safe area” for these toxins to be stored in. So basically people become fatter, through the increased size of fat cells due to content and the number of fat cells produced to hold this content.

When you lose weight through reduction of calories/ toxin/processed food, move more to expend energy, your body will release the contents of the fat cells for either energy or expulsion from the body (detox).

The problem is however, that you only empty the contents of the fat cells – the actual cells themselves, the storage crates stay there, dormant. The problem then arises when you go back to a sugar, alcohol, fast food binge, your body does it’s usual job of “Quick, get this stuff out of the blood stream, it’s not safe to run around your body damaging cells, tissues and organs – grab it and store it in fat cells” – equally all of your cells in the body have receptors attached to them – sort of like people waving… “I’m here, over here!! Come in here!” certain receptors only call out to certain nutrients or hormones, but fat cells not only hold onto stuff well, but different fat cells have different receptors for how quickly or slowly they will give up fat in the future. Having been overweight in the past, those fat cells have not fully shrunk, making them a decent holding site again!

The above is a lot more complex with additional hormones such as leptin and grehlin involved, additional receptors and hormones etc, but suffice to say that being ex-fat, leaves you open to gaining fat back, and at a quicker rate than other people.

So enjoy your Festive season (!) but just be aware of potholes on the table as well as the roads!