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OK, ironic I was going to do this post last week, then over the weekend I started getting a tight chest and a bit wheezy, and now I’ve got some weird chest “infection” going on.

Good thing is I started taking all the bits noted below last week, and the effects are minimal compared with what they could be!

OK, over the next few months, viruses, bugs and all sorts are about and it’s the time when most people get sick.

Stay away from the “branded” cold remedies – they just contain paracetamol to fight off the pain, and caffeine, to give you that “kick” so you think you feel better!

Here is my list of supplements/vitamins that I take and find work, for fighting off the infections!

1) Echinacea – The boss! It works by building up your levels of white blood cells. White blood cells help fight infection, so therefore, the more yuo have the higher the chances. Take it daily for 4 weeks, then take 10 days off and restart. I do this over the winter months. Take at the first sign of illness, and continue for a good 2-3 days after you “feel better”

2) Goldenseal – works really well with the above, and is anti-viral, so will work best when you actually have an illness, so to speak!

3) Oregano oil – also anti-viral, this stuff burns, and doesnt taste great but really does the job. Some drops in water and necked 4 times a day works well.

4) Vitamin C – our body cannot produce vitamin C, and it cannot hold onto it, so therefore supplementation is key, and at regular times during the day. I try to take about 2-3 grams a day normally and up to 6 grams when under the weather. Try to get some with bioflavanoids included as this will help the body absorb it.

5) Vitamin D – we usually get this from the sun, but as there isn’t much around, supplementation is key! It helps regulate the hormones and keep you feeling “happy”!

6) Root Ginger and Manuka Honey – I tend to take these together when a chest cold comes on and it works well. Ginger has anti inflammatory properties and the mauka honey has antibacterial properties.

When you are ill, the worse foods you can eat are processed and sugar heavy foods – opt for natural colourful foods like fruit and raw vegetables to give the body what it wants and needs. This obviously means leaving out alcohol!

Keep the above in stock, cycle the echinacea and Vitmain C and hopefully yuo should battle off the winter!

Let me know if you have other remedies that work?!


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