Fat Burning pills – do they work?! |


This time of year, everyone is in a rush to lose fat. It’s always got to be the quickest way possible for some reason.

If it doesnt work after 4-5 days, a lot of things get binned!

Now, unless you’ve had a massive binge, you haven’t put on 7lbs or whatever on in such a short space of time, so why should your body lose it in such a time? Also, you want to look  at ways which are manageable on a daily basis, and also, good for your health.

One item which probably makes a lot of sales in the New Year, is the infamous “Fat Burners” or “Fat Burning pills”

Often advertised alongside a ripped man or woman, they hold these bottles as if they are their life blood, and after just a couple of pills, they started dropping weight faster than ever before!


NO. Those cover models have eaten strict (often) sensible diets, or lean meats, fruits and veg. They have exercised intensely for a good while, and for the photoshoot, have no doubt cut carbs and water intake to get that tight, “dry” look.

But anyhow……Fat Burners do NOT burn fat. If they did, everyone would take them, and everyone would look like a cover model.

They are packed with caffeine and other stimulant based ingredients (willow bark, yohimbe etc) along with some kind of spice like (cayenne) which will ramp up your metabolism by a couple of %.

The problem with these are that they contain high levels of caffeine, causing jitteryness in  people, but also stimulants will place a drain on your adrenal glands, which are massively important for health and fat loss. If you continue to burden your body with stimulants, you keep drawing on your adrenals for adrenaline (think shooting holes in a water butt) and eventually they will exhaust themselves and your adrenaline supply.

This will leave you feeling fatigued, immune system shot, and in poor health. They don’t “target” fat, they basically increase your metabolic rate to maybe burn more calories.

The only time these pills may be of benefit, is if you’re diet is spot on, you are already lean (around 10% guys, and 20% women) and are cycling carbohydrates, and using the pills along with interval based morning cardio.

Otherwise, save your money, spend it on natural, organic foods, and eat “cleanly” for 85% of the time, along with  a good training programme. You will notice more results than buying pills which could damage your health and fool you into success.

Lift heavy weights for 8-10 reps, combine with tough interval style training or cardio and eat natural foods 85% of the time and you have your own fat burner!


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