Don’t be afraid of change! |


Last Friday I made a choice that some people get emotional about! It’s not health/fitness related for starters, but it has a similar message!

I was due for a mobile upgrade………and moved from an Apple Iphone after 2 years!

Whaaaaat??? Are you crazy, people were saying!!

“Once you’re Mac you never go back!” is a phrase handed round the “Apple community” – to an extent I agree, I’ve got an iMac, and iPad, and I’m certainly not going back to a PC. But with the phone I’d had an Iphone 4 for 2 years, and just felt ready for a change!

I moved to the “opposition” ….. a Samsung S3.

Plenty were telling me I’d regret it – to a degree my mind was listening, the subconscious side starting to kick in with emotional blackmail;

“What if….. But this….. But that…..”

But I’d done my research, I don’t like to conform all the time, I like to make decisions and “change” every now and then if I feel it would benefit me.

After all… is JUST A PHONE!!! But still the thoughts and comments were coming in……”Don’t do it!”

This is just the sort of thoughts and comments that keep people where they are.

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten” !!

People feel safe with what they know.

People feel comfortable with things they can manage, work with.

People feel part of something when they’ve been with something or someone a while.

Often with regards to health, food and fitness change, people telling you “Don’t do this…. or Why are you doing that” say these things as a defence barrier, to make themselves feel better about what THEY are doing! They don’t like the fact that you are READY to make a change, and want to keep YOU in THEIR little “circle of safety” – screw that!!

All of the above is fine, but if you NEED to change, or you feel change could benefit you, then do it! Most things aren’t permanent…….swapping a phone certainly isn’t!

Think, plan, assess the pros and cons, and if there isn’t a BIG question mark hanging over it, DO IT!

This could be the way you look at food, the way you plan meals, how you workout, when you workout, your thought process for the fore-mentioned and how and what you want to achieve

Decisions get things DONE!!

Oh, and on the side of the Samung S3 (!!) Yep it’s bigger but means the screen is clearer and sharper. My calendar didn’t sync so I had to reset that up.

Apart from that it’s no real different to the Iphone 4, but has a step up in screen quality, camera and battery use!

Oh and I got £150 cash in hand for my Iphone and the Samsung 3.

Doesn’t sound as bad to me icon_wink-8285366