Boost your Immune System |


So, Winter is round the corner and illness is setting in from every angle!

What can we do to stop, or reduce the risk of catching anything?

Well plenty – but again, only if you make the effort!

Here are my tips if you want to stay healthy and boost your immune system;

1) SLEEP! Crucial for letting the body heal, recover, regenerate. Get to bed by 10,30pm, don’t watch TV directly before bed as this will stimulate the eyes and brain further, halting the sleep process. Things to assist with sleep – Valerian tea (60mins before bed-, Magnesium and zinc before bed

2) Cut out the foods that are causing inflammaton in the body! Yep, back to the old Wheat products (bread, pasta, flour, cakes, biscuits) Sugar, Cows Dairy, processed foods – all of these are causing irritants and inflammation in the body – what’s the point in loading up on vitamins and supplements if some of the problem is what you’re putting in your mouth?! Take ACTION! Cut the crap out, eat natural and supply your body with what it wants and can use – especially if you’re ill, stay away from sugars and processed carbohydrates.

3) A Greens drink – often containing multiple greens foods (Spirulina, chlorella, kale, broccoli etc) in a powdered format. Granted, some aren’t great tasting, but I use Udo’s Beyond Greens — it can be added to smoothies or to a protein shake

4) Echinnacea – Great herb which builds your white blood cell count for fighting infection. This only works at the onset of a cold, if it’s already kicked in, it’s not worth taking. Therefore as soon as you feel tired, sore throat get onto it. Alternatively take it for 2-3 weeks, take a week off, etc as the body can get used to it.

5) Astragalus – this is a great herb which fights infection, but works slightly different to the above in that it can fight infection when in effect. Take at the signs of illness and during.

6) Vitamin D3 – Usually obtained from the sun, but certainly during Winter months we get zip-all. This Vitamin also helps bone strengthening, and is equally important for children.  Try this mint tasting spray, and give it to the kids too.

7) Vitamin C – Helps fight inflammation in the body, and assists the immune system. We don’t produce Vitamin C, so need to get from foods, or supplement with. Unfortunately, we don’t take in enough, and certainly not around Winter months. I take 1-2g daily, and up to 4g when ill.

There you have it, my first aid pack for the Winter months. Take Action, order now, don’t leave it til the last minute or when you’re already ill!


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