Are you insane!? |

The definition of insanity, is repeatedly doing the same thing, but expecting a different result each time.

Well, my definition anyway!

This applies a lot when people are trying to lose weight. Maybe it will ring some bells?

– Trying the same nutrition/diet plan you followed 6 months ago, maybe losing a few pounds, but gaining more when you come off of it

– Using the same workout plan at the gym, that you have been using since your induction 8 months ago

– Using the same Personal Trainer, despite no change in body composition for the last few months

– Trying a diet your friend found because she’s always used it……and is still overweight and moaning about it

– Attending the same slimming club for months on end, and losing the odd pound here and there, but bored sh!tless with counting calories each day, wondering how small your evening meal will be because you’ve overeaten during the day, or eating a sugar laden cake at snack time, but it’s ok, because it’s low-fat! (ooh I’ve gone off topic!!)

– Following the latest workout from Muscle Mag, and wondering why you don’t look like the cover model

– Taking every supplement under the sun, and also wondering why you don’t look like the woman/man who advertises it!

– Eating the same breakfast which makes you bloated, tired all morning, but it tastes nice, and it’s “only breakfast”

Change it. Try something new. If it doesn’t work, try another option or routine!

If something doesn’t work, then try an alternative. Hanging onto anything, with the hope that it might be different next time, is taking the “game” away from you, and leaving things to chance.

When you’re in control of things, the outcome is also more likely to be controlled.

Look at what is working.

Look at how it could work for you

Act on it, and give something else a try!

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